Thursday, August 06, 2009

Man, I love this kid.

At dinner the other evening, a lady stopped by our table to tell us how cute Suzi is, then she told Sophie that she was cute too, then she looked at Izzy and said, "Wow! And won't you look at his hair?! That's awesome!"

Izzy smiled at her, and he used a smile that I don't remember ever really seeing him use before. It was a very self assured and polite smile, one that didn't reveal to that woman just how much her comment delighted him. It was the kind of smile that I'm sure I'd just given her, in fact.

But that smile suddenly made me realize what a study in contrasts that child is. His huge size belies his years, of course, but even more than that, he is an unusual kid. Most people looking at his mohawk, for instance, would never guess that he has a huge collection of Littlest Pet Shop pets, or that he loves bunnies, or that he would wear sparkly and flashy socks every single day with every single outfit if he had enough pairs of them.

Earlier today, we were flipping through a Glamour magazine together - and I have to interrupt this story to tell you that I am not subscribed to that magazine on purpose. I had a subscription to Domino, which folded, so they started sending me Glamour instead. I can not think of many magazines that would appeal less to readers of Domino magazine than Glamour, but since I haven't gotten around to cancelling it yet, it's my fault that it's still coming to our house.

Anyhow, we were flipping through it and we came upon a model dressed all in black. "Mom," he said, "Do you remember when I dressed all in black that time?" I told him I did. "I looked awesome," he said matter of factly. And he did look awesome, in a very cool and hip way. But his favorite shirt is a fabulous tie-dyed one that I picked up at Gabe's for $2.99. And even more favorite than that shirt would be his fancy suit, which he would wear every single day were I to let him.

He loves Spiderman and Batman, as kids his age are apt to do, but when I was cleaning downstairs yesterday, I heard singing from inside of his sisters' little playhouse, where he sat sweetly cradling one of Sophie's baby dolls and singing "Rock-a-bye Baby."

He can pick on and tattle on his sisters with the best of them, but when Suzi threw a tantrum the other day and I walked around her, hoping that if I keep ignoring them, she'll quit throwing them, Izzy rushed over and picked her up, clutched her tight to his chest and said, "Oh poor baby," as he kissed her little bald head. Then he looked at me and said, "I don't want you to ever knock my baby down again and then just walk away!" His indignation was so pure and valiant that I couldn't help but smile when I assured him that not only had I not done that, I never would.

He's a really good kid, quirks and all. I hope he never changes.

Well, except for peeing on the toilet seat. That I hope he changes.

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