Thursday, August 06, 2009

My life rocks.

Suzi got me up before the other two woke up this morning, so I came in here and started going through my daily websites. One had an old video of Dino, so I played it and Suzi started getting down. Upon hearing the music, Sophie danced into the living room too and started dancing with Suzi, imitating her super fly moves.

I turned on my CD player, where I keep a CD called "Pure Funk." It helps me get my housecleaning groove on, and the kids love it. Izzy hears the music and comes on in here too, so I get them breakfast.

As they eat their cereal, the music is playing in the background and "Mr. Big Stuff" comes on. "Mom," Sophie says, "This song is kind of about God."

"Is it?," I ask her, thinking I'm going to hear something about how God is so big.

"It says He's never going break my heart, or make me cry and He will never hurt my feelings."

I smile at her and tell her she's a big sweetie, and then the next song comes on: "Kung Fu Fighting."

This is currently Izzy's favorite song, so when he hears the first few notes, he springs from his seat and starts darting around the house. He runs to the bedroom then he runs back into the kitchen. He puts a hand out to the bar and looks side to side, then dashes to the sink, puts out a hand and looks side to side. He runs all around the kitchen and dining room, making Sophie ask, "What are you doing, crazy?"

"I can't find my words to my favorite song!," he yells.

A few weeks ago I was working and working on the house, before a party, so we'd heard the CD several times in a row. This had helped Izzy catch most of the words, but there were still a few words he couldn't remember, so he got a pencil and paper and asked me to write them all down for him.

I did one better and looked the lyrics up on the internet and printed them off for him. He was THRILLED. He even took his lyrics with him to the beach, and they actually made it back home with us, which tells you just how important they really are to him.

When I was helping him clean his room a few days ago, I picked the sheet of lyrics up out of the floor, where it faced certain death at the hands of his baby sister, and put them into his drawer of special things.

So I told him this morning that's where they were and he raced off to his room and came back, holding the lyrics up and singing his heart out. But he's six and while he can read beginning readers, he can not read all of the words to "Kung Fu Fighting." Not that it's a terribly intellectual song full of fancy words, but come on - he's six! But it sure didn't stop him from staring at the page intently before he sang each line.

He stood in the doorway of the sunroom as he sang, right at the end of the dining room, studiously scanning his crumpled paper and singing a beat or two behind the music, after it cued him as to what comes next. Sophie and Suzi were enthralled watching him and both had big milky smiles on their faces, smiles full of cereal. I stood in the doorway of the kitchen, cup of coffee in my hand, smile on my face too, and with a heart overflowing from all the joy these kids bring to my world.

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