Friday, September 25, 2009

I think the truth is coming out.

Last night Chris decided to sleep downstairs. No, not because I'm annoyed with him, but because the kids don't have school today, so he thought that if he slept down there and got ready down there, then perhaps the kids would sleep in and I'd get to also.

But at 6:10, Crony Bob, our cat, pushes the girls' door open. It creaks. It wakes Suzi up. I get her back down and go back to bed. At 6:15, the $#(%&#(&% cat opens their door again. I hiss at him as I go to lay the baby back down. This time it wakes the other two kids up as well. I whisper and tell them to go get in my bed and go back to sleep. I get Suzi back down and I go back and curl up with Sophie and Izzy.

Sophie isn't sleepy anymore, however, so she flips and flops like a trout sucking it's last breath. My whispered threats aren't stopping her. She asks where Daddy is, so I tell her to go downstairs and have him turn on cartoons for her. This way, I know he's getting up on time too.

Next thing I know, she opens up Suzi's door. The creak once again wakes that poor baby up. I yell at Sophie and get Suzi and lay her down in my bed, between me and Izzy. Suzi thinks that's awesome fun. At about 7, Izzy asks if he can go downstairs and watch cartoons too. Of course, I tell him. I go and put Suzi back in bed as well, where she fusses for about five minutes then goes back to sleep once more.

I curl up in my blankets once again and sigh a nice relaxing sigh. Finally, all is quiet and I'll get some sleep. I just start to doze off and Chris walks up the hall. His foot steps make Suzi wake up again. He touches my arm to make sure I'm awake and tells me happy birthday. I ignore him. He then asks if I'd like a biscuit. At this point it's close to 7:30, and there's no way he could pick up breakfast and get to work on time, so I tell him, "NO. I just want to get some sleep." He pats my arms, tells me he loves me, and leaves.

Suzi quiets down and I start to doze off again. The she starts crying again. Izzy comes upstairs and tip toes down the hall. He whispers, "I'm going to get the baby, okay Mom?" I tell him yes, and he gets her, then he starts creeping back down the hall with her in his arms. He's a sweet boy, who was going to take Suzi downstairs with him so I could try to go back to sleep. But, of course, he's not allowed to carry her down the steps, and while I trust him enough to keep an eye on her in the next room while I make dinner, I am not going to turn them all loose in the playroom unsupervised. Still though, sweet thought.

I tell him to bring her to me, and I turn on cartoons. Sophie's followed Izzy into my room, so I have them shut the door, and Izzy shuts the door to the bathroom too. For the next 45 minutes, I played a little game with Suzi where she'd curl up and lay still just long enough for me to doze off, then she'd climb up on my head and try to suffocate me. Gosh, that's fun.

But at 9, my dad puts a stop to that by calling to wish me a happy birthday. Suzi decides that's a great time to start screaming, so my dad hurries off the phone. I get up to fix the kid's some breakfast and let the dogs out, and I see three puddles of dog puke. It's my lucky day! After I clean that up, I notice a bag on the table. Chris had already gotten us biscuits when he woke me up.

So I sat down and ate my cold biscuit, but it was from Tudor's, and they make daggone good biscuits, so it was still yummy. As the kids are eating theirs, Izzy asks where Daddy is. I tell him that he's at work.

We finish eating and then Izzy says, "I think Daddy is actually on a date."

"You do, do you?"

"Yes, I think he actually took his biscuit making girlfriend on a date today, and I think they're going to get married. That's why you didn't get a recliner for your birthday."

We have a tradition around here of getting biscuits every Sunday morning, and when we have overnight guests, we get them biscuits as well. This is a pretty small town, so it didn't take long for the biscuit lady to remember Chris, down to the point that when he just gets biscuits for us, she asks how come we don't have any company that weekend.

It also just so happens that we have a really good Tudor's up here, better than the one down at mom and dad's hometown. So Chris told us it's because of all the good lovin' he gives to his biscuit making girlfriend. It's been a long running joke now for a couple of years, and, well, seems like Izzy's old enough now to pay attention. Guess we need to be a little more careful about what we say in front of him now, or pretty soon the whole school is going to think that Chris is in love with the biscuit making woman at Tudor's. And that I'm okay with it, as long as she still makes such yummy biscuits.

So, here's to 37! Yay!

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