Thursday, September 24, 2009

This is the year I've decided to stop having birthdays.

Tomorrow is my birthday. A few weeks ago, I showed Chris some cheap desks online that I'd like to have, so I figured that's what I'd be getting. Until tonight, when he tells me we have to go out so I can pick out my birthday gift. I tell him I don't want to pick out my own birthday gift, and he assures that this one, I do. I assure him I do not, so he gets mad at me. I get mad at him too because I asked him not to wait until the last minute to get me something.

Apparently when he gets home tonight he tells Izzy that I won't go out and pick out a recliner, so I'm not getting anything. I've wanted a recliner since Suzi was born, because she was such a terrible sleeper and I was up with her all night anyhow, so a rocking recliner would have been at least restful. But he never liked any that I chose, and he wanted to wait until we found one that matched a new sofa. We've looked many, many times, but can't agree on anything. So I'm guessing his thinking was that magically six hours before my birthday, we'd find one that we liked and he'd get out of getting me a real birthday gift. But homey don't play that. Yes, I would rather sit here with no gifts, thank you very much.

Chris goes back to work, and we're going about our usual evening when Izzy says to me, "Mom, I'm really sorry daddy won't buy you a recliner."

"Me too," I say.

"He'd buy you one if he didn't hate you!"

"That's probably true."

"Now he's never going to buy you one. He said you'd have to find another husband to buy you one."

"Do you think I should go find another husband?"

"No, I think that's against the law. I told Daddy you were going to take a knife and cut his head off if he didn't get you a recliner."

"No, I will not be doing that."

Izzy laughs and says, "Oh, I was kidding about that. I did tell him that we were going to beat him up."

"No," I tell him, "Violence won't solve anything, and I really don't even want a recliner that much anymore. It just would have been nice to get something for my birthday."

"I know," says Izzy sadly, with tears welling in his eyes, "But we don't even have a place to cuddle bug anymore."

We used to have a big round chair that I called our cuddle bug chair because it was big enough for all of us, me and the kids, to sit in together.

So I pulled Izzy onto my lap and I hugged him while we each sat there feeling so sorry for ourselves we couldn't stand it. But then we got over it. Me, because I have pretty darn sweet kids, and Izzy because he got a hug.

With kids like these, I don't need no stinkin' birthday gifts anyways!!

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MaMa Norma said...

You don't need any stupid birthday gifts when you have Izzy. He's the best gift Chris ever gave you with Sophie and Suzi coming in close. Tell Izzy that anyplace he sits down by you in a cuddle bug chair. He's the world's best cuddler. I know from experience. He's one in a million!