Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sophie has officially amazed me.

First off, we had parent/teacher conferences last night and they went great! Isaac's teachers said he's a delight to have in class, and his main teacher and gym teacher both said he plays better with others than the normal first grader. I am so proud of him for being a nice little boy! He's doing great in all of his classwork too, except for a "C" in handwriting. If genetics have anything to do with it, a "C" in handwriting is a gift.
In the preschool class, Sophie's teacher told us that she's doing great and she's one of the top kids in the class in every area they evaluate. Including motor skills, which is not something she inherited. She's the only kid in her class that can fully operate a zipper on her jacket by herself, but that might say more about her classmates than anything. I'm kidding! She also said that Sophie has mastered the preschool skills already, so she was going to start teaching reading to her today.

To say that Chris and I are thrilled with both of them is an understatement. Heck, I manage to find something to be thrilled with even when they're getting in trouble at school, so of course I'm overjoyed at such a good report on the both of them, but that's not what's amazed me with Sophie.

Just a few minutes ago, she asked me to help her make a store list. She got her a pen out and a pad of paper and she said, "Does flour start with a 'f'?" Yep, I told her and when she asked what the next letter was I told her "l," then I got distracted because Suzi was tucking in one of her baby dolls under a wipe (kisses and all!), so I had to grab the camera to get some pics. When I looked back, I was surprised to see that Sophie had sounded out the word to put the "o" next.

I told her that was awesome and she asked what came next. "Sound it out," I told her, so she did. And she wrote, "u." Then she said flour a couple more times and finished it with an "r." Isn't that amazing??? I can not believe she was able to sound out and write the word, "flour." Of course, the completed store list then read, "flour, cake, pop, flour, cake, pop, and cookies." But she sounded out "flour," all by herself!!

Color me one proud mommy!

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