Thursday, November 19, 2009


While I was typing the last post, Suzi dragged a chair from the dining room into the living room in front of the TV, where there's a little chest with a glass candy pumpkin dish sitting upon it. In that candy bowl are little mellocreme pumpkins left over from Halloween.
I watched her climb up, then she looked over at me (the computer is about five feet from the TV). When she saw me staring, she smiled, then she shook her head yes. No, I shook mine back.

She looked up at the TV and started dancing to a theme song. I glanced away, then I heard the clink as she took the lid off the glass pumpkin candy dish, reached in and snagged herself a candy, then carefully placed the lid back.

As I just finished typing that, wouldn't you know the little devil is dragging that chair back already?

Well, perhaps I can hope for good reports on her from juvey.

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