Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Dedicated to my husband.

So during a..."discussion" last night, Chris said he doesn't think I put in a full day's work, because sometimes when he gets home, the house is clean, and other times, it's far from it. That proves that I just sit around doing nothing sometimes, he says, because when we were trying to sell our old house, I could have it clean in an hour. Of course, the old house was half the size of this one, and I only had two kids, (kids who usually slept through the night too), to chase then.

All of that notwithstanding, however, this man that I married asked me to keep a list of what I do during the day. Please, ladies, stop envying me so.

So here is a list of what I've done so far today:

7:45 Took kids to the bus

8:00 Got Suzi changed and dressed.

8: 10 Chase Suzi to get my lip gloss back.

8:13 Chase Suzi to get my eyebrow brush back.

8:15 Take Suzi to living room. She bonks her head while running from me, so I sit down to rock her for a few minutes. She brings me two Christmas books and we sit there and read them.

8:45 Put Suzi down for a nap.

8:50 Eat a bowl of cereal.

9:10 Check email, baby board, FaceBook.

9:20 Suzi yells, so I go and check to see if she needs changed. She doesn't. I try to get her to take a nap.

9:30 I give up on Suzi taking a nap. We head back to the living room, where I tidy up.

9:35 Suzi brings me the hand sanitizer and I put a little on her hand, as per her request.

9:40 I tidy up the kitchen and dining room.

9:50 I chase Suzi to get my Ollie's card back.

9:52 I get the dry erase board, the calendar, and all the various notes from school and whatnot, and I fill out the dry erase board for December.

10:15 I get an ink pen away from Suzi and put her in time-out for drawing on the wall.

10:16 I sit down at the computer to balance the checkbook.

10:18 I chase Suzi to get my chapstick away from her, but she throws it downstairs instead.

10:20 Suzi gets out of time out and runs straight to get the plastic Santa from my childhood and terrorizes the dogs with it. I get it away from her. I finish balancing the checkbook.

10:24 I start a response to my Aunt Nancy's e-mail.

10:28 Suzi brings me a bright red marker with no lid on it. She has drawn all over her face. She runs to the sunroom and throws two crayons at me. I get it all put back up, can't figure out where she's getting them from. Then I thank my lucky stars that it's a washable marker as I clean it off the new (to us) cabinet we bought from Chris's aunt Peggy. Then I clean marker and crayon off the little cabinet in which I store Suzi's toys.

10:40 I finish the email to my aunt.

10: 45 I put ornaments back on the tree and take a bright pink marker away from Suzi. She's drawn on the wall in the sunroom at this point. Again, can't find the source of these markers. As I walk out of the room, she runs right behind me and pulls open the drawer on the cabinet from which I'd just scrubbed marker, which is the drawer in which I keep the kids' art supplies. I turn around, tell her NO and she slams it shut. I didn't realize she could get that drawer open, much less close it back again. I park her in the living room so I can start this post while still able to watch her.

11:00 Blog post mostly done, a puzzle, two bags of books, a box of little alphbet book blocks, a robot dinosaur, and all the Christmas stockings are laying in the floor.

11:05 Suzi can't climb up in the recliner, where she wants to read two books she's carried over to it, so she commences loud and annoying fussing.

11:10 I hit save draft because I have to put my sweat pants back on, and a little bit of makeup, to go pick Sophie up from preschool.

11:25 I go to get Suzi from her room to get shoes on her too, and I pick up my coffee mug (which was empty, thank goodness) and carry it and Suzi to the kitchen. We go to get Sophie.

11:45 We're back home again. Sophie has gone shopping for gifts for all of us today at the Christmas Shoppe at school. I get the paper from the garage and help wrap her gifts and spell out her nametags. She does it all by herself with just a tiny bit of help and a lot of supervision. I chase Suzi off the table three or four times while we're doing this. She's fascinated by the candle centerpiece I've put there for Christmas.

12:oo I take the pen and the checkbook register away from Suzi.

12:05 I tidy up the two advent calendars the kids opened up this morning, and the little nativity beside them.

12:07 I tidy the pillows on both couches in the sunroom.

12:10 I fix Suzi's lunch.

12:16 I try to help Sophie get Perfection, the game, out, but we fail. Then I look at her throat with a flashlight because she's says it's killing her. It looks fine to me.

12:20 I come back to the computer and update this blog and decide that I'm too tired of trying to remember how many times I've chased Suzi today already, so I'm giving up keeping track.

Throw in a few diaper changes and you've got a pretty good picture of my morning. Chris does have a good point - some days not a lot gets done around here. This morning, for instance. But I did devote a large chunk of my morning to teaching boundaries to Suzi, whether I wanted to or not. I planted the seeds of a future reader by reading to her when she asked. I helped shape her into a loving little girl by giving her many, many hugs and kisses all morning long.

Is it rocket science? No. Is it terribly hard? No. But I am doing an important, fulfilling job, and I just so happen to really enjoy my work. When the kids are playing nicely, Suzi is taking her naps, and I've gotten more than three or four hours of sleep at night, THEN I have the energy and motivation to be a house chore drone.

Days like today, however....well, I say hooray for staying on top of things! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off the put up laundry, clean up toys, and clean up from lunch...

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