Monday, December 21, 2009

We have TWO FEET of snow.

I'm going to be lazy and just copy this update from my baby board - awesome pics to come later today!!

It’s insanity here. We headed to Chris’s parent’s house, about and hour and 45 minutes away, shortly after the storm started on Friday. It took us three hours to get there, even though half way there the snow turned to rain. We live in an elevated area that always gets way more snow, so we knew we’d get past the storm, and we wanted to make sure that we’d get to his grandma’s Christmas party, which was supposed to be Saturday. Then his parents ended up getting about ten inches in the night. Then they lost power and they have a well with an electric pump, so we had no water either. No showers, couldn’t wash hands (just poured water over them), couldn’t flush the toilets (they melted snow to occasionally fill them up enough to flush). I knew that having no power was a real possibility, but I didn’t know about the electric pump. Dude, no water is a DEAL BREAKER.

But the road back here is the WV Turnpike. You might have heard how people were stranded on it 18-24 hours!!! We JUST missed getting stranded ourselves. Can you imagine how horrific that would have been with three kids???

Anyways, Chris’s grandma told us not to try to make it Saturday, and we couldn’t get home, so Chris and I decided to go the 45 minutes to my parent’s house, where they had not lost power. The roads ended up being nearly clear by the time we left Chris’s parents. We had to build an igloo first, of course. My aunt had a heart cath on Friday, so she was staying at my parent’s house too, so someone could keep an eye on her, but we all squeezed in, and then on Sunday we were able to go to Chris’s grandmother’s house.

Sunday they also opened the Turnpike back up, so at 6:00 we decided to try to come back home so Chris could get to work today. The roads were fine until we left the interstate. The roads in town are terrible, and the piles of snow are twenty feet high. CRAZINESS. I have never seen so much snow! A bunch of neighbors had gotten together and cleared a lane up our road, then our next door neighbor had cleared our driveway (I LOVE our neighbors!), but it still took us a half hour, multiple attempts, and traction cables to get up the hill. We had to keep trying because the snow was way too deep for us to be able to find a place at the bottom of the hill to park and walk up! Our driveway is fairly steep too and it took Chris many attempts to get out this morning, but he’s at work now. Only about a third of the hospital’s staff have been able to make it in to work.

It’s not unusual for us to get up to five or six inches a snow several times a winter, but this is, like I said, an insane amount of snow. Suzi hates to play in the snow, so after I get her down for a nap today, the kids and I are going to go out to play and get some pictures. It’s gorgeous!!!

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