Monday, January 25, 2010

I have a feeling that we'll replay this scene. Again and again and again.

Mornings are not mine, nor my eldest daughter's, friend. Izzy jumps up and gets ready quickly, but Sophie lays in the floor until she has to run and get ready as quickly as she can to still catch the bus. But we always make it, and around 7:40, we load up to head to the bus stop at the bottom of the hill where we wait five to ten minutes. It would really be easier to just drive the two miles to the school myself, but not only has the principal asked the parents to please use the buses because of the high number of drop-offs, the kids also really love riding the bus. Weirdos.
Anyhow, this morning I cleaned off the table before we headed down, hoping to keep the dogs from getting up there and cleaning up the rest of Sophie's breakfast. I normally don't do this until I'm back from the bus stop, so it threw me a little bit off.

At about 7:50, we're in the van, the baby is happy for a change and flipping through a book, and I pull in behind the truck already waiting at the bus stop. As I throw the gear shift into park, Sophie looks at me and says, "Mom, I forgot to put shoes on."

I look down and yep, she's got no shoes on. She and Izzy are waiting for me to yell, for I am usually very grouchy of a morning (UGH) but this strikes me as hilarious, so I start laughing and turn around and pass two other cars going down the hill to the bus stop. Sophie sprints back into the house, runs upstairs and grabs her shoes, and is back in the van in under a minute. Astonishingly fast, actually.

I had reassured them not to worry, that we'd just drive to school if they missed the bus, but we got down there again in plenty of time, with me still cracking up every time I thought about what her teacher would have thought had Sophie shown up with no shoes on.

Actually, knowing Sophie and I, she probably wouldn't have been surprised in the least.

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