Monday, January 25, 2010

A break in communication.

Suzi is becoming more and more pleasant as her vocabulary grows, which is very common at this age. It's very frustrating not being able to make yourself understood, and apparently Suzi has a LOT to say because she's been quite the tyrant. But she's getting better, and we're all having a blast being able to converse with our little demon.
This morning, for instance, as Suzi and I carried laundry up from downstairs, she picked up a stuffed cat of Izzy's that she adores, and then she looped a toy dog leash of Sophie's around her shoulders. So I took it upon myself to hook the leash around the cat's neck.

Suzi thought that was pretty cool. Until the cat wouldn't walk along behind her. She dragged him for a couple of steps, then accusingly told me, "Lay down." Over and over, she'd take a couple of steps then tell me that the cat was laying down.

"Maybe he's tired," I tell her. "Maybe he wants to take a nap."

She picks him up and tells me again, "LAY DOWN."

So I take the cat from her and she smiles gratefully at me. But as I unhook the leash, the screaming starts. I hand her back the kitty and she throws herself to the ground, where she still lays, screaming her head off.

I have no idea what she wanted me to do, but it certainly wasn't to take the leash off.

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