Sunday, April 18, 2010

Family fun!!

Now, for some of my favorite vacation pictures, including this one, my very favorite picture of my father-in-law Mike EVER - shot a beautiful shot of his inner nature:

Chris had his brother take this picture of their mom and dad, because of the sign above their heads - be sure to click on it and enlarge it, if you're having trouble making out the words:

At Colonial Williamsburg, Sophie started throwing a fit because no one would carry her. Aunt Becky was a sucker and picked her up, but what cracks me up is the long-suffering expression on Sophie's face. It's a hard life that little girl is forced to live!

These next two pictures are my 3 and a half year old niece, Lilly. She was doing some mad posing for Sophie, who was manning the camera - you can see Sophie's reflection in Lilly's sunglasses below:

And I'll end with a sweet shot of Stephen giving Suzi some love:

I am truly blessed to have married into this family, and blessed to have been able to take this vacation with all of them. Chris and I are fabulously lucky people in that our families are really quite similar in makeup, and we are genuine friends with all of them. Lucky, lucky, lucky!!!

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