Sunday, April 18, 2010

This morning's conversation with Izzy.

Izzy: Mom, my nose hurts.

Me: Come here and let me sock you in it then.

Izzy: Seriously, mom, my nose really hurts!

Me: Well, what's wrong with it then?

Izzy: There's a mint stuck in it!

Me: A MINT?? How in the world did a mint get stuck in your nose?

Izzy: I put it there.

At this point, we commence massive nose-blowing and water drinking, and then the mint falls out of his nose.

Me: Isaac, what in the world possessed you to put a mint up your nose?

Izzy: Sophie dared me to! She really did! She dared me to put a mint up my nose!

Me, crossing my arms across my chest: I do not care if she dared you. You should have better sense than to put anything up your nose!

Izzy: Well, you never told me not to put anything up my nose.

Me: That's true. Hey, never put a snake in your ear, okay?

Izzy: (laughs)

Me: See some things you should just know better than to do, right? But I have to tell you something. When I was about the same age as you, I put a button up my nose and MaMa Norma had to help me get it out. And I learned to never, ever put anything up my nose again.

Me, Izzy, Chris: (Much joking about MaMa Norma beating the button out of my nose. I don't think she actually did, but my memory is pretty bad, so maybe she did, maybe she didn't!)

Me: I can't wait to write about this on my blog.

Izzy: Don't do it, mom! If you do, then when I have my own blog, like when I'm in my teenage years, or in my grown-up years, then I'm going to write that you were once a goober and stuck a button up your nose and then your mom had to spank it out of your nose!

Me: (Starts smiling when I think about how freaking awesome it would be if he actually remembers this and really writes a post about it one day!)

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MaMa Norma said...

No, I didn't beat it or spank it our of you! I tried several things and when I decided to take you to the dr., it came right out.