Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Suzi!!!

My sweet little tyrant Subes. I can not believe you've been in my life for two years now. As little as you slept for your first oh, 22 months, it should feel like a lot longer than two years, but you've more than made up for my lack of sleep by the sheer joy you've brought to my world.

Looking back at the pics when we all first met you, though, there were flashes of that righteous attitude already. And such amazing sweetness. My heart swells every time I remember nuzzling that sweet little head, and having you nuzzle right back, curling up onto my shoulder like I was made to be your perfect match.
You are still just as snuggly and delightful...when you're not angry, or feeling mean, or needing a nap. Otherwise, you are the funniest little two year old I've ever seen, and your brother and sister were no boring, humorless babies either.

But you are a RIOT. From your funny faces to your eye-rolls, to pointing a finger at me, or Izzy, or Sophie, or anyone who has displeased you and saying, disdain dripping from every word, "BAD GIRL!," you keep me rolling.

At one of your two birthday parties last weekend (split up and at your grandparent's homes because of PaPa Ray's knee infection and slow recovery), we told MamMaw about Izzy sneaking one of your nachos, and you pointing that imperious little finger at him and demanding, "Bad girl! Go you room!" Amid the laughter, she said she knew what you heard a lot. True, true!
But your smile lights up a room and charms everyone you meet. It's gotten you out of trouble many, MANY times. That's really saying a lot too, because you no sooner get in trouble for one thing before you're into your next bit of mischief.
All that just melts away when you run up and squeeze me tight. I think I'd do just about anything to earn one of your so freely given hugs and kisses...except feed you nothing but potato chips, candy and ice cream, which is all you'd eat, given the chance. And soda. You've never been purposefully given a Coke, but you sneak a drink at every opportunity!
You are my little temperamental wild child whom I could not possibly love any more wildly than I already do. You are an AWESOME two year old and I can not wait to see what new awesomeness you'll come up with this year!

Saying "Cheese!" on her two-year old birthday. 6/22/10

Happy Birthday, Subee Sue!!!
Mama loves you, and loves you and loves you some more -
You're the sweet little baby that I adore!!

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