Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Izzy's last day as a first grader!

I can not believe I'm now the mom of a second grader! How in the world can my sweet baby boy already be ready for second grade?? But he brought home his report card yesterday, and it's true. He did really well - straight A's...except for that "C" in handwriting. Pretty sure, considering how Chris and I write, that he's not going to ever bring that grade up!!

So anyhow, this morning I let him choose his own hairstyle and clothes for today - he chose the cute faux hawk, and the shirt that Crystal wore at his science party, then gave to him afterwards:

Yeah, it's too big, but it is an adult's size large. *gulp*

My little baby big boy:

This next picture, I have to admit, I first decided to post not because Izzy was cheesing it up, but because Suzi looks so darn cute:

But then I saw the picture below, from the first day of school back in August, and yep, he was laughing because he'd been making the same Egyptian pose. A year ago:

One of my all-time favorite pics of the kids - their personalities really shine through in this one:

Goodbye first grade, hellllooo second!

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