Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hilarious conversation with Suzi.

Micki and her family came up for a few days, but Johnny had to go back home to work, so I took her and the kids home today. On the way back, Suzi fell asleep. I brought her in, got her ready for bed, and amazingly, she went back to sleep.

For a while, at least. At about midnight, I hear a little whimpering and I look down the hall to see her sitting in her doorway holding her foot. She's been complaining about it off and on lately (no idea what's going on there!), so I gave her a little ibuprofen and tucked her back in bed. That was her signal to commence crying.

I was picking up the house, so I would go in and rock her, sing to her, stroke her face and lay her back down, then walk back out to work some more. We did this several times, then she started yelling, "I wannnnt dadddddy!" I told her that he was asleep, to be quiet or she was going to wake him up. She quieted down, so I went downstairs to do some laundry.

I found gum melted all over the dryer, so I came back upstairs to get a scrubby pad to try to clean it (didn't work, hoping Chris's muscle has better luck in the morning) and she's screaming her head off again. Chris, of course, slept right through it all, so I went back in there and this was our whispered conversation:


Suzi: (instantly quiet, blinks her eyes up at me)

Me: Stop making me come in here! I'm trying to get some work done!

Suzi: (sweet little whisper) Okay.

Me: So go to sleep and don't cry anymore.

Suzi: (another sweet little whisper) Okay.

I walked out and she went RIGHT TO SLEEP.

I can't believe that she's barely two and already I can reason with her better than I can with Chris.

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McNoodle said...

Tough love cindy, TOUGH LOVE!!!