Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cute pics from...April.

April??  Seriously??  I know, I know - but when I was skimming through some pics the other days, I thought these were pretty cute, so I'm sharing them with you anyways. 

These first two are from Sophie's birthday.  We had her party at Chuck E. Cheese, but on the actual day of her birth, we gave her a few presents here at the house.  And she was turning five, not three - not sure why she was wearing that crown.  But look past the crown - aren't these delighted expressions awesome??

What could make three kids look so thrilled?  A miniature "My Little Pony" playhouse, of course.  Little weirdos.

These next two pictures are Sophie playing with another of her birthday gifts - a ladybug shaped suitcase.  We call her our Sophie bug, and the ladybug has kind of become her symbol.  She loved her new suitcase and thought it made a fetching baby carriage:

But my favorite part of this picture is the little tiny dot on the wall, about a third the way down the wall, next to the first shelf of the bookcase Chris made me years ago.  See it?  It's a tiny little Cheerio that Suzi stuck up there.  I thought it was so funny to have a Cheerio stuck to the wall that I left it there an unseemly length of time.

Man, I love having kids.  What a great excuse to avoid housework of all types!!

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