Thursday, November 04, 2010

One of my few strokes of parenting genius.

Ms. Suzi is now officially, 100% potty trained.  WOO HOO!!!!  She's not had an accident, day or night, for a couple/few weeks now.  A little while back, we tried a few weeks of just putting her down for her naps and at night in her undies, but I quickly tired of changing the pee-soaked bed, so we switched back to pull-ups. 

Suzi then quickly realized those were fine to pee in, so we were back to square one, when I had an awesome idea:  I put her pull-up on over her undies when she goes to sleep!  She knows her undies are there, so she doesn't pee, plus, since the pull-ups are being used like shorts, they can be reused.  It's a win-win solution!  I figure in a couple of weeks I'll get brave and stop using the pull-ups too.  It'll be nice to be rid of them for good.

So this morning, I took her to the bathroom when she first got up like usual, but because she was cold and wearing footie pj's, I waited to change her out of her pull-up until we got back from taking the older two down to the bus.

As I started to pull the pull-up and the undies off her, she pulled up the edge of her undies and said, "Oh no, I pee my diaper!" 

I said in dismay, "You did?!"  After all, it had barely been an hour since I'd taken her to the bathroom!

She looks up at me with a huge grin and says, "No, I jus kid!" 

Then she adds, in between giggles and in recognition of her joke, "That good one, mama!" 


MaMa Norma said...

That is a good one, Suzi! You're such a smart little girl. Love ya!!

Edie Mindell said...

Wow congratulations on having your child 100% potty trained. your kid is so witty and funny.:-)