Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I don't envy Suzi's first boyfriend.

Suzi's preschool sent home a report card for her today, her very first.  As I looked over it, pretty much everything was 'G,' for 'Good Progress,' so I told her, "Nice job on your report card, Suzi - you did great on almost everything!" 

As she stands there beaming at me, Izzy said, "What did she do bad on?"

"Oh, nothing," I told him, "But she got 'W's' for 'Working On Skill' on her scissor skills, pasting, and threading beads."

"She's using scissors and paste in there?" he exclaims.

"Yeah?" I say to him.

"Well then, get her out of that place!  She's too young to be using dangerous things like that!"

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