Friday, January 21, 2011

My daughter, the poet.

After school one day last week, Isaac was very excitedly telling us about a girl who had been in his class earlier (I think he meant kindergarten or first grade), but moved back and was in his class again.

"I saw her across the classroom, and our eyes met, and we just knew, we were in love, just like we'd been in love before she moved," he said.

"Wow," I told him, "What's her name?"

"Oh, I don't remember her name," he tells me, "But it doesn't matter, I know we love each other.  And do you know why I love her?"

"No, tell me," I say.

"Because she's as tall as I am!  In fact, she looks just like me, isn't that wonderful?!" 

Now, I think Izzy is one handsome little boy, but a little girl who looks just like him?  I'm not sure I'd call her pretty or think that was wonderful at all, but I just agreed.

"I'm in love too," Sophie jumps in the conversation.

"You are," I say, "Who with?"

Isaac yells out, "I know!  Braxton!"

(Sophie has been "in love" with Braxton since they started going to playgroup together when they were three years old.  When we were picking the kids one day last year after preschool, I told Braxton, "You know, Sophie plans on marrying you one day."  He staunchly refused the proposal, but they're still the best of friends.  As a matter of fact, they're both playing Upward basketball this year, but on different teams.  At last week's game, he was guarding Sophie when she had the ball, and it took some doing, but she tried her best to pass him the ball.  Luckily, the coach saw what she up to, and intervened.)

Sophie's eyes get wide and she smiles so sweetly and says, "It's true, mom, I love Braxton, I just can't help it!"

Then she clutches her hands to her chest and earnestly tells me, "When I think of him, my heart just gets so full of love, I don't know how to describe it...It just feels like you're in my heart giving it a huge hug." 

"That," I tell her, "Was beautifully put."

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