Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Future Evangelist?

The kids are going to Vacation Bible School this week, at the church where they attended preschool (and where Suzi still goes), and they close each night with a child who volunteers to lead the whole group of about 100 in prayer.

Tonight, that volunteer was Sophie.

I was standing talking to one of Suzi's preschool teachers, when Izzy pulled on my arm and motioned to the stage and exclaimed, "Hey mom, look, it's Sophie up on the stage!"

I looked up.  There stood my little sweet Sophie in her light pink t-shirt  and pink headband, smiling as she reached for the microphone. My heart jumped.

Those of you with children know why.  Those of you who know Sophie personally, REALLY know why.  Unpredictable doesn't begin to describe that child.  Creative, however, does.

So with a nervous smile frozen on my face, I listened to her pray:

"Dear Lord, thank you for being my savior, and thank you for loving me.  Thank you for the food and water and everything my body needs.  Thank you for the plants and the flowers that help the earth.  And that's all." 


I have to say, I think she did awesome!! 

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Anonymous said...

Love this! Wish I had been there.