Saturday, October 14, 2006

Moving on.

Things are so weird at our house right now. We're in a contract, but until the home inspection and appraisal go through, there's still the chance of a problem and the house not actually being sold. That means that I still have to keep the house ready to show. That also means that I haven't started packing anything yet. Which is making me a nervous wreck. Chris has the boxes piled to the ceiling in the severely crapped up garage, so when he digs me out a few, I'm going to get busy. It's just so strange to have no idea where we're going to be in a few weeks. Ugh.

As a matter of fact, Chris is the only person even slightly happy about our move and that's only because his commute will be greatly reduced. If he still loved his job, which he used to until the kind boss was promoted and the idiot boss became his main boss, then the move would be easier. But this woman who is over him and his immediate supervisor is a bitter old shrew without kids who thinks it's hilarious to cover up a guy with two young kids with tons of work. The immediate supervisor is a young woman who still lives at home and also has no kids, but she's more intelligent and reasonable, and doesn't actively try to make Chris miserable. But she's a workaholic who doesn't get that the kids need him either. Every time that Izzy hasn't got a pumpkin stamp on his hand at preschool lately, has been the day after Chris has had to work late and didn't get to see him the evening before. Granted, it's not his bosses' job to make Chris happy, but his work load has increased dramatically since he filed a grievance against the bitter old shrew. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyhow, what that all boils down to is that even Chris isn't excited about moving closer to his coworkers anymore. It's a necessary evil, and that's about it. Oh well, enough griping about that for now. Complaining about it certainly isn't going to make me any happier.

On to the cute kid stories, how's that??

Izzy has lately started to say things back to me that he's heard time and time again, and it is a RIOT. Just a few minutes after I'd put him to bed he came into the living room to stand beside me, shook his head, and said, "I just don't know what my problem is, mommy." This was, of course, due to the many times I've asked him, "WHAT is YOUR problem???"

Yesterday he, Sophie and I were all playing in the floor of his room when he got up to go to the bathroom. When I heard him coming back, I hollered and asked him to bring me a tissue to wipe Sophie's nose. He sighed real big, and said, "You make me so tired all the time." I say to him quite a bit, "You wear me out."

As he hands the tissue to me, he says, "Now this is your last tissue today. This waste a lot of money. So this your last one, okay?" I could not help but crack up, because I'd delivered a similar lecture earlier when he was wasting something. Can't remember exactly what, but thanks to Izzy, I remember the sermon well.

Sophie is getting wildly verbal too, and it's great fun. But it's a little disconcerting as to what she's learned to say already. For instance, she caught her hand in the screen door at mom's the other day and started yelling, "Waaaaahhh!," so that someone would come. Since she wasn't crying, I wasn't running and so to hurry me up, she said, "Elp! Elp!" I couldn't believe it. I told mom that I wasn't sure if I was proud that she already knew the word help, or horrified that already knew the word help.

Compounding the horror part of the equation is that she also says, "Ow!" as plainly as I can. It's HILARIOUS to see her bump or head or fall down or whatever and hear her say, "Ow! Ow! Ow!," rather than cry. Although she sometimes does both.

Her language abilities are far better at this age than Izzy's were, which is typical for girls even when not comparing them to a boy who had a speech delay. Izzy is her translator, too, whether she's trying to say a word or not. Watching him stare at her then tell us what she wants almost makes me think they're able to communicate telepathically, I swear. Then again, her wants don't stray far from food, drink, or paci, so it's not like it's that hard to figure her out.

I am having a blast with these two. And I just have to remember how much more fun we're going to have when we don't have to worry about showing the house and we can just cut loose. This move won't be so bad.

Once we have a place to move TO, I might even start to look forward to it.

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