Thursday, February 05, 2009

Suzi ate her first bite of dog food!

Maybe not a big milestone to most of you, but an unfortunate one that has been met by all of our kids. See, she's SO close to crawling now. She does this super cute thing where she gets up on her knees in the usual crawling position, then she pulls herself across the floor with the aid of one leg pushing her. It's pretty hilarious to watch, and she gets around really well. And FAST.

She was sitting in the kitchen while I was slicing up potatoes for dinner and next thing I know she's crawl-scooted herself over to a bag of trash I'd gathered up today and she's pulled out a paper wrapper from a tea bag to chew on. I got everything back in the bag and relocated her and as I was washing my hands, I glanced down at her and she'd not only moved herself five feet that quickly, but she'd also snagged a bite of dog food.

You should have seen her face. She knew she shouldn't be eating it, but darn it if she wasn't going to fight me for it. I did the mommy scoop and got it all out her mouth, then I took a wet paper towel and did another swipe to make sure. Baby girl wasn't very pleased with me.

So let me tell you a couple of other cool things she's doing, other than her cute crawl-scoot. She will wiggle her fingers at you when you wave at her now, she says mama, dada, and nunnunna when she's being forced to do something she doesn't want to. For instance, at this very moment she's sitting here in the floor beside me and saying, "Nunnunnuna,nunnunnuna, nunnunnuna," in hopes that we'll give in and pick her up. She wins!

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