Monday, May 11, 2009

SUPER Disgusting Post - Consider Yourself Warned!

We had some cupcakes left over from the party this weekend, so the kids were happily eating one each as their after-school snack, when Izzy's top fell off of his. I was talking to him at the time, looking right at him, and all he did was lick the icing on the side, and plop, the whole top of the cupcake and the icing fell into the floor. We laughed and then I called the dogs over to eat it. Because that's my kind of mopping.

I walk away, clearing things off the table, when the kids start laughing a few minutes later and tell me to look at Suzi. I glance over the top of the table and there she sits, on the other side of the table, happily eating blue icing. "Ooops, Suzi got the cupcake didn't she?," I said, laughing, thinking how glad I am that she didn't get choked on the cake part of it. I grabbed the camera, leaned over and snapped this shot:

As my finger pressed down upon the shutter release button however, I realized, in horror, THAT THE ICING WAS LIQUID.


As I frantically threw down the camera and grabbed up Suzi, Izzy very nonchalantly said, "Yep. I think she might be."

I raced her over to the sink where I furiously washed her hands, face, and mouth, then it was off the to the bathroom for a scrub down. I wrapped her up in a towel and ran straight to my room, where I got a washcloth wet and washed out her mouth, got her toothbrush and brushed her teeth and tongue, then I wiped it all out again with the washcloth. Then I popped her toothbrush into the sanitizer.

All I have to say is that it's gonna be a looooooong time before that baby kisses me again.


hope said...

I love your blog~~ oh.. I am Hope from I saw that you had a website listed so I figured I would check it out! We have some upcoming playdates.. and we would love to meet you!

Paula said...

O.m.g Cindy! That is hysterical, gross and strange all in one!