Monday, November 23, 2009

My Sweet Boy

While I was fixing Sophie's hair this morning, Suzi, who was eating breakfast with Izzy, started screeching, so I asked Izzy, who'd come into the bedroom with me and Sophie, to go help Suzi down.
The screeching stops and I look up, expecting to see them both coming back into the bedroom, but instead I see one very sad little boy whose are eyes brimming with tears.

"Mom, that almost made me cry," he says.

"What? Hearing the baby cry?," I ask.

"No, she just looks homeless."


"Yes, homeless, without her shirt on," he tells me, bottom lip trembling.

See, Chris hadn't put her shirt on her yet, so she wouldn't get it dirty while she ate her breakfast.

"Why in the world is that making you cry?," I ask him.

"Because it makes me sad to think about homeless people," he tells me as a tear escapes his eye and rolls down his cheek.

Just then Suzi walked in, little naked belly sticking out over her blue jeans, and she starts fussing at me.

"Oh, see that?," he says plaintively, "She looks so homeless without a shirt on and crying like that!"

I pulled him to me and gave him a big hug and told him that it made me sad to think about homeless people too, and that we could start doing more to help them.

Then I stifled a little giggle at my big-hearted boy getting so sad over his sister eating breakfast without her shirt. I hope he always feels life so deeply.

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MaMa Norma said...

Izzy is one in a million. A very very precious little boy.